Dec 30, 2022
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How Laxogenin Can Improve Muscle Growth

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What Is Laxogenin | Benefits | FAQs | Similar To Laxogenin | Popular Products | Stacks | Warnings And Side
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What Is Laxogenin | Benefits | FAQs | Similar To Laxogenin | Popular Products | Stacks | Warnings And Side Effects | Disclaimer

Laxogenin, aka 5a-Hydroxy, has been around for a while. We’ve already covered some of the basics back in 2016. In this post, we’re going to go as deep as the recent research allows us.

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What Is Laxogenin?(1,2,3,4)

The more understood definition of laxo is that it’s a plant steroid. But, more specifically it belongs to a class of plant hormones called brassinosteroids. It can be extracted from several plants, but the most common is Smilax sieboldii. This plant is very similar to asparagus.

Some of the other plant sources include:

  • Allium chinense
  • Diosgenin

Steroids in plants play a similar role as hormones in humans; they promote growth.

plant-hormone-vs-mammal-hormone laxo

To understand the similarities between plant sterols and human steroids, we have to look into their structures.

Brassinosteroids are plant-specific polyhydroxylated derivatives of 5α-cholestane.
This is structurally similar to cholesterol-derived animal steroids.

Cholesterol is one of the building blocks of testosterone. Where 5α-cholestane is a metabolite of Cholesterol.

Brassinosteroids specifically is essential for the growth and development of plants. In humans, though, studies indicate that some brassinosteroids exhibited anabolic effects. But that’s not all. It also indicated that these effects were experienced without the side effects common to steroids/prohormones.

This is why you can cycle a product containing brassinosteroids and not worry about a PCT. However, it is important to check all compounds in the formula, as they may feature a DHEA based prohormone.

Section Divider: Benefits Of Laxogenin

Benefits Of Laxogenin:

While everyone’s experience will be different, there are some effects (noted by customers and some studies) that have helped build laxogenin’s reputation:

  • Aiding In Muscle Recovery
  • Promoting An Increase In Protein Synthesis
  • May Have Adaptogenic Properties
  • May Relieve Inflammation And Pain
  • Assists In Fat Loss
  • Helps Reduces LDL “Bad” Cholesterol
  • May Improve Thyroid Function
  • May Limit Protein Breakdown

That’s a pretty large list for one ingredient, especially a non-hormonal one. Unfortunately, we can’t say any effect will be experienced. Some customers get them all and more, while others don’t feel anything.

Section Divider: Laxogenin FAQs

Laxogenin FAQs:

In this section, we’re going over some of the more common questions on Laxogenin. But if you have a question that’s not answered below, send us an email.

How Should I Take Laxogenin?

Each brand of Laxogenin will have its recommendations on how to take its product. Generally, it is preferred to take it with food.†

Do I Need To Cycle Laxogenin?

Yes. Although this product is non-hormonal, it is still recommended to cycle it. However, during your off period, you will not need a PCT. You can use it in 8-12 weeks cycles, taking at least four weeks off between cycles.†

Is It Safe?

Yes! The only side effect currently noted from laxogenin is a headache. But, this was after consuming a higher dosage (i.e., over 200mg).†

Can Women Take It?

Absolutely! Many women supplement with Laxo to help build muscle and burn fat. Laxogenin is great for men and women as it won’t affect your hormone levels, but can enhance your performance and physique.†

Will I Need To Take A PCT After My Cycle?

 No! Laxogenin is non-hormonal, so you will not need a PCT upon finishing your bottle.†

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Similar To Laxogenin:

Now let’s get into the good stuff! Before committing to laxogenin, we must see how it holds up against other compounds and products. 

Pro Hormones:

These are two different things that are often confused. First things first, a prohormone will affect your hormones. Because of this, the effects are generally more powerful. But, you also carry a greater risk for side effects. Also, prohormones have to be cycled and followed by a PCT.

You can read more about prohormones in our guide. This guide covers common prohormones, their effects, side effects, and PCTs.

As we mentioned before, laxogenin will not affect your hormones. This is why it’s safe for men and women to take. While these prohormones and laxogenin are different compounds, it is common to see laxogenin featured in a prohormone formula. 

Because of the prohormones, you won’t notice the strength gains from laxogenin alone. But, for compounds that are more likely to “dry out” your joints, laxogenin can be a great addition to aid in join support. And if you’re taking a prohormone that doesn’t feature laxogenin in the formula, you can stack them.

Prohormones With Laxogenin:

Epicatechins:  (5,6)

Epicatechins are another plant-derived compound. More specifically, epicatechin is a flavonoid found in dark chocolate harvested from the cacao tree. So once again, non-hormonal and safe for both men and women to take.

Why do we love epicatechin? For starters, it can increase nitric oxide in the body. You have your N.O. to thank when you’re in the gym and have a really good pump and maybe some vascularity gains.

But, outside of aesthetics, this increase in N.O. means there’s an increase in blood flow (vasodilation). A vasoconstrictor is the opposite of a vasodilator; stimulants fall into this category. 

Why do we want vasodilation over vasoconstriction? An increase in blood flow means an increase in oxygen and nutrients. This ultimately means; improved endurance, power, recovery, and growth.

That alone is a great property. But it’s not the one epicatechin is famed for. Epicatechin may also inhibit Myostatin and therefore up-regulate Follistatin. 

These are Myokines produced from your muscle cells. They work together in a ratio, Myostatin inhibits/suppresses muscle growth, while Follistatin increases it. So, by inhibiting Myostatin, you’re increasing your potential muscle growth.

Laxogenin may boost nitrogen retention, but this effect isn’t something it’s known for. Instead, these compounds work very well together, so they work much better in a stack. If you’re looking for a more natural muscle-building stack, you can try the Women’s Muscle Building stack from Blackstone labs (it’s not just for women). Or you can try stacking a laxogenin with a myostatin inhibitor like Epicat, Myostato, or Myo-stack.

Epicatechins With Laxogenin:

Adaptogens:  (7)

Adaptogens are plants that promote resistance to physical, chemical, or biological stressors. In a way, this means it can be hormonal. But not like a prohormone. An adaptogen can help reduce cortisol, the hormone released by the body when stressed.

Cortisol has its purpose in the body, but when cortisol levels are too high, you can expect:

  • High blood pressure.
  • A flushed face.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Increased thirst.
  • Urinating more frequently.
  • Changes in mood, such as feeling irritable or low.
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Osteoporosis.

And more. An adaptogen isn’t a miracle pill for anxiety and stress. It may help, but it won’t take the place of medication or therapy. Also, something to consider, different plants are going to have different effects. So one that boosts stamina (Cordyceps) and one that reduces stress and anxiety (Ashwagandha) are both still adaptogens.

Laxogenin has adaptogenic properties; it can help reduce cortisol, but we wouldn’t classify it as an adaptogen. So if you want to build muscle and reduce cortisol, laxogenin is a great product for you. But it probably won’t be as noticeable as if you took an adaptogen with that purpose.

Adaptogens With Laxogenin:

Section Divider: Popular Products

Popular Products:

Here at Same Day Supplements! We currently carry three product as Laxogenin standalones. But, there are a bunch of products and stacks that feature it in the formula.

Laxogenin 100 By Hi-Tech Pharmaceuitcals:

How To Take Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Laxogenin 100:

The manufacturers recommend taking two (2) tabs daily.

Laxogenin 100 Review By Chris: “Laxogenin is absolutely amazing. A couple of days in and I already notice the results. Quicker recovery and strength increases.”

Anogenin By Blackstone Labs:

How To Take Blackstone Lab’s Anogenin:

The manufacturers recommend taking one (1) to two (2) capsules per day with food. They also suggest to use in cycles of 8-12 weeks with at least 4 weeks off in between cycles.

Anogenin Review By Lex: “I couldn’t workout for a long time and lost a significant amount of muscle mass. But since I started using anogenin, it has been great for growth. My legs have never looked so good! Plus recovery has been much shorter! It really is a great product!”

Laxogenin+ By REPP Sports:

How To Take REPP Sports Laxogenin+:

The manufacturers recommend two (2) capsules daily with 8oz of water for men, but suggest women take one (1) capsule daily with 8oz of water.

Laxogenin+ Review By Rory: “Only been using for two weeks, but I can already see growth, and seems to add a bit of endurance, also better recovery.”

Section Divider: Laxogenin Stacks


We mentioned a couple of stack options for laxogenin in the comparison section. But, some other products can be beneficial for muscle growth while also being natural.

First starters, we have another Blackstone labs product, Halo Elite. Halo elite features a plant-derived androgen. Meaning it comes from plants but shares similarities to testosterone. Because it comes from plants, it’s not hormonal and will not increase your testosterone.

So you shouldn’t look for this product as a test booster. But it can increase protein synthesis. So combining Halo Elite with a laxogenin of your choice can be a great muscle-building stack. Add-in epicatechin to help increase the fat loss too.

Moving forward with fat loss, you can stack laxogenin with your favorite fat burner. If you want to keep it stimulant-free, you can stack it with Recomp-RX, CLA, L-Carnitine, or another stimulant-free blend.

Section Divider: Wrapping Up

Wrapping It Up!

And this marks the end of our post on Laxogenin. Thank you for reading! And as always, if there was something that wasn’t clear, another question you might have, or if you have another idea for a blog, Email Us!

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Section Divider: Warnings And Side Effects

Warnings And Side Effects:

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use products in this post if you are at risk for or are being treated for high blood pressure, heart, kidney, thyroid, or psychiatric disease, anxiety, depression, seizure disorders, strokes, or other medical conditions.

Do not take the products in this post if you are using anti-depressant, MAO/MAOI inhibitors, or any other prescription drugs. Not for use by women or by any person under the age of 21.

This product may elevate serum hormone levels which could produce positive results if you

 are subject to NCAA testing. For use by healthy individuals only. Do not use it if the seal is damaged or missing. Store in a cool, dry place.

Section Divider: Disclaimer


†PLEASE NOTE: The intention of the information provided is for reference only. Furthermore, we are in no way providing medical advice or instruction. Instead, the information provided in this guide/blog utilizes anecdotal information and available studies/reviews. While our goal is to maintain and display accurate information, we can’t guarantee it represents the latest formulation of the product or information. Therefore, please visit the manufacturer’s website if you have any concerns. Also, the information above does not represent our views here at Same Day Supplements. Instead, these are the views and information provided by the manufacturers and users. Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. Finally, the intention of these products is not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

The post How Laxogenin Can Improve Muscle Growth appeared first on Supplement Reviews Blog.

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