Oct 13, 2022
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Best Home Gym Machines

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Working out at home has a ton of benefits: You can save time and gas from not driving, you won’t have to wait to use any equipment, and you’ll have the ability to curl in the squat rack because no one is there to stop you. There are some important considerations to take into account … Read more
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Working out at home has a ton of benefits: You can save time and gas from not driving, you won’t have to wait to use any equipment, and you’ll have the ability to curl in the squat rack because no one is there to stop you. There are some important considerations to take into account when looking for a home gym machine such as space, budget, and the types of workouts you would like to perform. You can start with just your bodyweight, but there’s only so much you can do without some real equipment.

Thankfully, there are a ton of options nowadays for home gym machines that fit every niche and type of workout you could want to do. Maybe you want to compete in a powerlifting meet, so you’ll need a solid power rack to train. Or you could want to simply stay in shape with some trainer-led workouts, which could lead you to a smart home gym. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve rounded up the best home gym machines on the market to help you find the right fit for your needs. Let’s dive in and find your match.

Best Home Gym Machines

Best Home Gym Machine Overall

Most people searching for a home gym machine are looking for one piece of equipment that can take care of most (if not all) of their workout needs. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to look any further than this monster piece of gym equipment, the Force USA X20 Pro.

Force USA X20 Home Gym

No matter if you’re just getting started working out or if you’re an advanced lifter, this power rack that doubles as a functional trainer can accommodate your needs. The power rack portion, made from high-quality 3×3 inch 11-gauge steel, is rated to hold up to 992 pounds, so even the most elite-level lifters can smash their lifts with confidence. As a functional trainer, the X20 Pro features two cable pulley systems with a weight stack for each that ranges from 20 to 289 pounds.

The Force USA X20 Pro comes with a variety of extras to help round out your home gym needs with slots to hang two barbells, a landmine, multiple cable attachments, band pegs for accommodating resistance, two pull-up bars, and upgrade kits available like a lat pulldown for even more versatility. The dimensions for the exterior of the rack are 70 inches wide by 87 inches deep and 92 inches tall, so make sure you measure your space (and measure again) to ensure you have enough room. You can pick the X20 Pro up for around $4,999 before taxes and shipping, and financing is offered depending on credit.

Best Overall


This behemoth of a power rack also doubles as a functional trainer with two 289-pound stacks on a 2:1 cable system. Even the basic package includes 17 different attachments which can be upgraded to include more. The rack can hold up to 992 pounds thanks to heavy-duty 11-gauge steel uprights.

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Force USA X20 Home Gym Should Be Good For

  • People who want a one-and-done home gym machine that can take care of virtually all their needs with just one piece of equipment.
  • Those who like to do a variety of different workout types. This home gym can support powerlifting, bodybuilding, suspension training, and general fitness workouts.
  • Those with a large budget and sufficient space. This rack is expensive, but it takes the place of up to 10 pieces of equipment even without the upgrade kits.

Force USA X20 Home Gym Might Not Be Good For

  • Anyone trying to ball on a budget would do better to check out some other options on the list before committing to this one.
  • Those who don’t need all the different pieces of equipment that come with this machine and want a simpler setup may want to look at other options on this list.
  • People who are limited on space. This rack is not small or lightweight, measuring over seven and a half feet tall and over two tons when assembled.

This isn’t the cheapest or the smallest option, but it’s likely the most robust and versatile one that you’ll find. There are very few types of workouts you can’t do with this machine as it can take the place of up to 10 other machines even without the upgrade kits. Anyone who has the cash and the space will be unlikely to find a better option.

Best Home Gym Machine On a Budget

Sometimes, you have to respect what your pockets are telling you. In cases like that, we’ve got you covered with a home gym machine that still offers a ton of versatility at a lower price point. It may not have as many bells and whistles as some of the other picks, but it’s a solid no-nonsense option that gets the job done.

Sporzon! Home Gym Workout Station

This workout station offers up to 330 pounds of resistance, though it only includes a 125-pound weight stack. Made from steel, this machine is designed to support up to 400 pounds of user weight with a maximum total weight of 1,000 pounds. The cables themselves that are used in the machine are aircraft quality and tested up to 1,000 pounds, as well. A high and low pulley system of 12 total pulleys gives a smooth and consistent resistance throughout the range of motion for each exercise. The best part is the price, which is about $535 before taxes and shipping.

The list of exercises you can do is quite long thanks to the high and low pulley system. You can do flyes, lat pulldowns, triceps extensions, low rows, glute kickbacks, curls with the preacher pad, and even train legs with the leg developer. The included cable attachments are removable, so you can replace them with your preferred type of attachment for even more exercises. This machine measures 80.5 inches tall by 48 inches long and 30 inches wide, and weighs 216 pounds when fully assembled.

Best Budget

Sporzon Home Gym System Workout Station


Crush a variety of different exercises for a full-body workout with this home gym machine without crushing your bank account. You can train your back, chest, arms, and legs up to 330 pounds of resistance all with this one machine.

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Sporzon! Home Gym Workout Station Should Be Good For

  • Anyone who wants to do full-body workouts with one machine will like that you can accomplish that with the Sporzon! Home Gym Workout Station.
  • Those who are on a budget but looking for a home gym machine solution. The price is right for the versatility this provides.
  • People who like to rearrange their home gym. Despite being 216 pounds, 125 pounds of that is the weight stack, so you can maneuver this machine somewhat easily without the weight stack attached.

Sporzon! Home Gym Workout Station Might Not Be Good For

  • Anyone who competes in a strength sport like powerlifting, strongman, or weightlifting. You’ll need something with a free-weight component.
  • Athletes who are particularly strong may find the resistance to be insufficient to elicit strength gains.
  • Those who like variety. It’s true you can train a lot of body parts with this machine, but there are only one or two exercises per body part that this machine can accommodate.

If you’re trying to find the right home gym machine while on a budget, this may be it. You can have a solid full-body workout with a decent amount of resistance while taking up relatively little space compared to other options. Sporzon! made this machine to be versatile and cost-effective, and it hit both of those marks well.

Best Smart Home Gym Machine

Home gym appeal has been on the rise for a while and smart home gym machines have taken over in force by putting all of your workout equipment in one compact package. For a smart home gym machine with almost no setup required that can suit nearly anyone’s fitness needs, look no further than our pick for this category — the Speediance Home Gym.

Speediance Home Gym

Speediance is an all-in-one smart home gym machine that offers hundreds of workouts that are updated nearly every day. These workouts can be sorted by body part worked or type (such as strength, stretching, or yoga). With almost no setup required unless you opt for the additional weight bench and rower, you can get to working out within minutes of unboxing Speediance. Like many smart home gym machines, Speediance uses electromagnetic weight resistance via two cable pulleys offering a total resistance of 220 pounds. Speediance measures about six feet tall, two and a half feet wide, and four feet long when unfolded, but only sticks out about a foot from the wall.

Thanks to the foldable design, it’s easy to store away when not in use and set back up when you want to work out. If you spring for the optional smart accessories (about $400), Speediance will even count your reps and range of motion with built-in technology in the attachments. The basic package, which will run you about $2,700, includes two regular handle attachments, a barbell, and a weight bench, as well as the Speediance system itself. You will need a subscription membership as sadly you can’t use Speediance without one. The subscription is about $29 per month, and this grants you access to all of the workouts in Speediance’s library.

Best Smart Home Gym

Speediance Home Gym


This next-level smart home gym features a set of cables with resistance up to 110 pounds per side (220 pounds total) and a foldable platform for easy storage. The huge and ever-expanding workout library means you’ll never get bored with the same old workouts.

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Speediance Home Gym Should Be Good For

  • Those who are new to working out. The workouts feature voiceovers and video guides to help you learn the movements better.
  • People who are limited on space will appreciate that this folds away neatly for storage and even has wheels to make moving it easier.
  • Athletes who want to work on stability. The type of resistance used in this machine can potentially help with improving stabilizing muscles over other types of resistance.

Speediance Home Gym Might Not Be Good For

  • Folks on a budget. This is more of a luxury piece of equipment that can end up costing almost $4,000 with the smart accessories and rowing bench included.
  • Athletes who are quite strong may find the 220 pounds of resistance to be too light to elicit adaptations for strength or even hypertrophy.
  • Those who prefer to use free weights to work out will find this lacking in that department as it only uses cables with electromagnetic weights.

As far as smart home gym machines go, Speediance is doing it right with an ever-growing library of workouts and a bunch of workout programs to follow, the average person should make great progress. If you can pony up for the price point, then you’ll have a top-tier smart home gym machine you won’t soon become bored or stagnate with.

Best Home Gym Machine and Rack

For many avid fitness enthusiasts, it’s not enough to just have a home gym machine. They crave more. They want the time-tested ability to use a weight rack in their home gym. If you want it all, then the Force USA X20 Pro Home Gym has you covered.

Force USA X20 Home Gym

The X20 Pro combines a high-end functional trainer with a heavy-duty power rack and throws in barbell storage, a low-row, pull-up bars, a landmine attachment, band pegs, and about a dozen cable attachments to boot. The only thing this machine can’t do for you is cook you dinner, but Force USA may be working on an upgrade kit for that. They’ve already got upgrade kits for jammer arms, a lat pulldown, and dip handles. The cable attachments include a lat pulldown bar, close-grip triangle, plastic D handles, triceps rope and pressdown V bar, ankle cuff, and more — 17 in total for the base model.

The complete home gym solution features a half-rack with safety spotter arms on the outside as well as a full, four-post rack with 3×3 inch uprights made from 11-gauge steel. The weight capacity comes in at 992 pounds, so all but the strongest few people in the world can safely lift in this rack. The two weight stacks that attach to either cable pulley are 289 pounds each with a 2:1 ratio (every two pounds on the stack is one pound in hand) to satisfy those of all strength levels. This machine and rack isn’t small though, so measure before you make your purchase. Its dimensions are 70 inches wide by 87 inches deep and 92 inches tall.

Best Home Gym Machine and Rack


This behemoth of a power rack also doubles as a functional trainer with two 289-pound stacks on a 2:1 cable system. Even the basic package includes 17 different attachments which can be upgraded to include more. The rack can hold up to 992 pounds thanks to heavy-duty 11-gauge steel uprights.

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Force USA X20 Home Gym Should Be Good For

  • Those who want a centerpiece of their home gym. This machine and rack combo does it all and will make itself the central component of your home gym.
  • Anyone who wants to only buy one time. With proper care, you can use this rack for a lifetime thanks to the heavy-duty build and stout weight stacks.
  • Athletes who like variety. There are few exercises you can’t perform with the X20 Pro.

Force USA X20 Home Gym Might Not Be Good For

  • Anyone on a budget will want to check for other options on this list as this product is quite pricey — around $5,000 before taxes, shipping, and upgrade kits or add-ons.
  • Those who like to rearrange their gym often. This rack is about two tons when assembled so it’s not being moved easily.
  • People with low ceilings. The rack itself is over seven and a half feet tall, but you’ll need even more clearance to perform pull-ups safely without bonking your noodle.

It can be difficult to replace so many different pieces of gym equipment, but the Force USA X20 Pro manages to do so in a relatively compact way by wrapping a functional trainer and rack together. The 11-gauge uprights will allow you to use this rack for a lifetime and the 992-pound weight capacity means you can grow into the X20 Pro without worrying about upgrading.

Best Home Gym Cable Machine

So you’ve already got a power rack and some dumbbells, now it’s time to add a cable machine to complete your home gym. Maybe you just want a cable machine to supplement your current workouts or to get a quick pump in at home. This functional trainer is made for a home gym environment — meet the REP Fitness FT-3000.

REP Fitness FT-3000

Designed to be compact and still provide a commercial gym feel, this functional trainer splits the difference well. A footprint of 78 inches tall by 53 inches wide and 34 inches deep means you’ll likely be able to find space for this machine — we’ve found a corner works nicely. Despite the low profile, REP squeezed two hefty weight stacks in, each weighing 180 pounds for a total resistance of 360 pounds. The price isn’t too bad compared to regular functional trainers either, coming in around $2,150 before taxes with free shipping.

The pulley system is designed to operate smoothly with a constant resistance all the way through the range of motion. If you’ve got some room overhead, you can even do pull-ups with the built-in pull-up bar. For the people with a ton of cable attachments, REP included some hand-dandy storage pegs to hang your attachments on in the center. A consideration to keep in mind for the really strong folks out there is that the pulleys are on a 2:1 ratio which means every two pounds on the weight stack is one pound of resistance in hand.

Best Home Gym Cable Machine

Rep Fitness FT-3000 Functional Trainer

$ 2,149.99

The REP Fitness FT-3000 is a compact dual cable pulley system that brings commercial gym feel to your home gym space. Though it’s compact, this thing packs a punch with two 180-pound weight stacks and a pull-up bar included.

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REP Fitness FT-3000 Should Be Good For

  • Those who want the utility of a functional trainer without sacrificing the space these machines normally take up.
  • People who are more focused on fitness or hypertrophy can achieve quite a bit of work with this relatively small piece of equipment.
  • Athletes who already have a decent home gym set up but are missing a cable system. This could be the capstone that you need.

REP Fitness FT-3000 Might Not Be Good For

  • Those who have a bunch of space may want to opt for a larger, non-compact functional trainer that allows more room for cable crossovers and similar exercises.
  • Anyone who prefers barbell or free weight training will want to check out other options on this list before opting for a functional trainer.
  • Athletes who are very strong will want to keep in mind that each weight stack maxes out at 90 pounds of real resistance due to the 2:1 ratio.

When selecting home gym machines, space is one of the most important factors, and the FT-3000 takes that to heart. Whether you’ve got a ton of space or you are working with limited real estate, the REP FT-3000 can be your pocket Hercules.

Best Home Gym Machine for Small Places

If you’re working with a really limited space then a smart home gym that mounts on the wall may be a great option. Our pick for this category mounts to the wall and is compact enough to fit in an office, bedroom, living room, or any multi-purpose space in your home.

Tonal Home Gym

Tonal wanted to bring the tech and fitness world together to make a superior product. At its core, the Tonal Home Gym is a compact smart device that hangs on your wall, guides you through workouts and adapts to your skills and strengths. With a floor space of a seven-foot by seven-foot box, and a ceiling height of almost eight feet, you have enough room to perform any of the workouts on the device (according to Tonal’s recommendations).

The Tonal Home Gym is pricey at around $3,500 before accessories, delivery, taxes, and the required monthly subscription, but if that doesn’t turn you off then this product can be a great option for those with limited space. You can work with up to 200 pounds of virtual resistance via two easily configurable electromagnetic pulleys. The Tonal software tracks your progress and automatically adjusts the resistance to help you keep making gains. One of the best features is the expert installation which includes installing the system on your wall, pairing the Bluetooth accessories, and setting it up with your WiFi, so you can start working out right away.

Best for Small Places

Tonal Home Gym


Tonal is a blend of tech and fitness that’s interactive and can give up to 200 pounds of electromagnetic resistance through two pulleys. The system adapts as you progress to help keep the workouts challenging and ensure you make progress.

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Tonal Home Gym Should Be Good For

  • Those with limited space. You can set this up anywhere that there’s a wall and a WiFi connection.
  • People who want a personal trainer, but don’t have time or can’t make it to the gym. The guided virtual classes here are a happy medium.
  • Folks who have trouble making progress on their own. Tonal takes the reins here and helps you progress when it senses you can by increasing the resistance.

Tonal Home Gym Might Not Be Good For

  • Anyone on a tight budget. Tonal does offer financing based on credit approval, but there are cheaper options for home gym machines on this list.
  • Those who compete in strength sports. The lack of free weights and 200-pound limit may not be enough for you.
  • People who don’t want to have to pay a monthly subscription on top of the initial cost of the device.

This machine is not only great for those with limited space, it’s a solid option for anyone who wants to work on their general fitness. The guided classes and intuitive nature of the product make it solid for amateurs and moderate lifters alike.

Best Home Gym Treadmill Machine

If you’re training for endurance or simply enjoy running, then you’ll likely want to opt for a treadmill as your home gym machine of choice. Not all treadmill machines are made the same though, and for our pick here, running isn’t even half of it.

NordicTrack X22i Treadmill

This treadmill has the ability to take you from climbing up a steep mountain to hiking down a decline without ever leaving your house. With the capability of inclining up to 40 percent and declining down to negative five percent speeds of 0.5 through 12 miles per hour, there’s virtually no terrain the X22i can’t simulate. If you want to really feel the burn, you can try the “sled push” mode, which allows you to push the tread belt with just your leg drive. Your legs and lungs will be burning after that for sure.

On top of being a great treadmill, the NordicTrack X22i brings a sophisticated technology to the table with either 22-inch or 32-inch touchscreen display options that tilt and pivot. On these large screens, you can partake in iFit classes which will automatically adjust the incline or decline and speed for you throughout the course of the workout. Thanks to the tilt and pivot screen, you can also perform strengthening or stretching workouts via iFit off the treadmill too. You’ll receive a free 30-day subscription to iFit with your purchase. This premium product does come at a premium price of about $3,500 for the 22inch screen option and $4,500 for the 32-inch screen option (with financing available depending on credit).

Best Home Gym Treadmill Machine

NordicTrack X22i Treadmill


The NordicTrack X22i Treadmill is for those who want the feel of running or hiking outdoors while staying in the comfort of their own home. It offers an incline up to 40 percent with a decline down to five percent. Choose from two tilt and pivot touchscreen displays — 22 inches or 32 inches.

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NordicTrack X22i Treadmill Should Be Good For

  • People who like to have a large display that they can utilize when running. This treadmill is like having a TV in front of you that doubles as a trainer for other types of workouts like flexibility, strength, and bodyweight, in addition to running.
  • Athletes who want to prepare for a challenging hike or run will appreciate the wide incline and decline range.
  • Those who want to just get on and train without having to adjust the settings will like the AutoAdjust™ technology.

NordicTrack X22i Treadmill Might Not Be Good For

  • Those who are looking for a more traditional functional trainer or cable machine as a treadmill isn’t a typical home gym machine.
  • People who are on a budget may want to consider a more budget-friendly alternative.
  • Heavier users and large athletes who may exceed the 300-pound weight capacity.

If you like to hike or run often but don’t always have a way of getting to the great outdoors, then this treadmill and its huge screen can bring the outdoors to you. Not only that, but the X22i can challenge you in ways others can’t — with a wide incline range and “sled push” mode, you’ll be getting your “runner’s high” in no time.

Best Home Gym Squat Rack

A squat rack can be the centerpiece of any home gym, and it’s oftentimes the largest purchase you’ll make for your home gym. High-quality squat racks aren’t cheap, but the versatility they offer is unrivaled. The right squat rack should be sturdy and able to grow with you, which is why we chose the REP Fitness PR-5000 for this pick.

REP Fitness PR-5000

Everything about this rack was designed to be versatile and adaptable. REP bills this as the “power rack you’ll never need to upgrade” because of its robust build. Made from heavy-duty 11-gauge steel, the robotic welded 3×3 inch uprights can handle 1,000 pounds. When ordering the PR-5000 first choose your rack height of either 80 inches or 93 inches depending on your ceiling height. Then pick your depth — either 16, 30, or 41 inches depending on your needs. After that, the add-ons are numerous with weight storage options, pull-up bar options, different safety arms, and J-cups. Match your favorite of eight color options to your home gym color scheme while you’re at it.

If attachments are your thing, then you’ll find no shortage here with 49 in total to choose from, like a belt squat, dip station, lat pulldown, ISO arms, and more. The rack builder is interactive and you can even view the rack in your space using your cell phone. Hole spacing on this rack is industry standard at two-inch spacing with one-inch sized holes, so other companies’ attachments are compatible with this rack too. As icing on the cake, REP backs up this rack with a lifetime warranty. The one drawback is the price, which can exceed $1,000 even with the cheapest configuration and go well into a few thousand dollars when all is said and done.

Best Home Gym Squat Rack

Rep Fitness PR-5000 Rack Builder

The REP PR-5000 will be the centerpiece of any home gym with a total of 49 different attachments for unquestionable versatility. Even the strongest lifters can use this rack with a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds due to the 3×3 inch, 11-gauge steel. It even comes with a lifetime warranty.

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REP Fitness PR-5000 Should Be Good For

  • Those who are looking for a squat rack that they can grow into and adapt based on their training interests and needs.
  • Heavy lifters who want a squat rack they know can handle the weight they’re lifting with confidence. This rack won’t even blink at 500 or 600 pounds — it can accommodate 1,000 pounds.
  • Anyone who’s into customizing their gym equipment. Eight colors and dozens of attachments make this one of the most versatile racks on the market.

REP Fitness PR-5000 Might Not Be Good For

  • Those who want a more cost-effective squat rack may want to look at other options as the price can get quite high once you start adding things on.
  • Anyone who is working with limited space may want to opt for a more space-friendly design, like a squat stand or a folding rack.
  • Athletes who just want a basic squat rack without any bells and whistles. This is far from basic and represents the sometimes indulgent side of the home gym community.

True, the REP PR-5000 is going to cost more than many other options for squat racks, but what you pay upfront you receive as returns in the long run. This rack can last a lifetime and has the ability to be upgraded and built out with seemingly endless possibilities. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more versatile squat rack on the market.

Best Home Gym Smith Machine

Contrary to what some lifters may think, smith machines can be useful for way more than something to lean on or a towel rack. They’re legitimate pieces of equipment and even the strongest people in the world (like Brian Shaw) have them in their gyms. Our pick for best home gym smith machine is affordable and doesn’t take up as much space as others.

Titan Fitness Smith Machine

This smith machine is about as straightforward as its name. With no frills, this piece of equipment is built to be a sturdy workhorse day in and day out. Each side of the machine has a smooth track for the barbell to glide on and features a safety spotter arm. The spotter arms are adjustable to eight different heights to fit your needs.

Okay, so this smith machine does have some extras, like built-in band pegs for accommodating resistance training. It also has six storage posts to keep your plates on for easy access. There are only a couple of drawbacks here, like a slightly shorter loadable sleeve length than a standard barbell at 13.25 inches compared to the typical 16 inches. The other is a relatively low weight capacity of 600 pounds — well above what most people will need, but still lower than a typical squat rack or other higher-end smith machines. The budget-friendly price of about $1,650 before taxes and possible shipping charges make this a great option though.

Best Home Gym Smith Machine

Titan Smith Machine


Anyone looking to add a smith machine to their gym will like this straightforward option. It offers great value and can take plenty of daily use. This is similar to what you’d find in a commercial gym with a few added features like band pegs and weight storage posts.

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Titan Fitness Smith Machine Should Be Good For

  • Those who are looking for a solid smith machine that won’t break the bank. This machine is priced well and does what you need.
  • Anyone who needs some extra weight storage will appreciate the built-in storage pegs here.
  • People who lift alone and want some protection while lifting. Simply flick your wrists forward to lock the bar onto one of the catch hooks.

Titan Fitness Smith Machine Might Not Be Good For

  • People who are on a very tight budget may want to opt for a few different pieces of more versatile equipment.
  • Those who prefer a smith machine with a vertical bar path instead of one with a slight pitch like this one has.
  • Athletes who compete in strength sports. If you’ve got the room and funds for free weights and a smith machine then go for it; otherwise, you’d be better off sticking with free weights.

Titan designed this smith machine to be simple, reliable, and tough. It offers a high quality product at a budget-friendly price point for those in the market for a smith machine. You’re not going to find any high-end extras like cable pulleys, but if you just need a solid smith machine to round out your home gym build, this is the option for you.

What Are the Benefits of Home Gym Machines?

Home gym machines can be a considerable investment up front, but the rewards you can reap are well worth it for many people. They offer convenience, the exact equipment you want, and can even be cost-effective over time.


The biggest benefit of owning a home gym machine is the convenience afforded to you. Imagine never having to drive to the gym in the dead of winter or not having to wait for someone doing curls in the squat rack before you can start your max effort lower body day. Heck, you can even curl in your own squat rack — no one can stop you.

Image via Shutterstock / America Captain
Image via Shutterstock / America Captain

Thanks to the convenience, you may even find yourself more dedicated to your program and making better gains than ever before. If you’re the type of person who has an erratic schedule, you won’t have to worry about checking the gym hours or squeezing in a condensed workout with the person at the front desk staring at you because they close in ten minutes.

Tailored to Your Needs

Training for a marathon or big hiking vacation coming up? Get the perfect treadmill with a high incline. Do you prefer to compete in bodybuilding? Then pick up a functional trainer and a wide range of dumbbells. No matter what kind of workouts you prefer to do, your home gym machines can be tailored to your needs since you’re the one selecting the equipment.

Image via Shutterstock / Monkey Business Images
Image via Shutterstock / Monkey Business Images

You can set up your space as a minimalist with just the necessary stuff and few distractions, or you can go all out, so you can change up your workouts daily. The only person you’ll have to answer to is you — and perhaps your significant other.

Cost-Effective Over Time

Despite home gym machines being quite a large investment up front, buying one does end up being more cost-effective over time. Not only will you save by not spending money on a gym membership, but you’ll eliminate the commute to the gym, as well as time spent waiting for equipment to be free — and as the saying goes, time is money.

How We Choose Our Picks

Home gym machines are as varied and unique as the people who use them. They come in all different shapes, designs, and prices. We put higher consideration to the utility, value provided, and overall functionality compared to the space the machine takes up.


Home gym machines are by design different than commercial gym equipment in that they generally have multiple uses. Unless you’re Scrooge McDuck, you likely don’t have a money pit to pull funds from and unlimited space for equipment. The more utility a piece of equipment provides, the higher it’s likely to rank on our list because that makes it better suited for home use.


We acknowledge that home gym machines can be quite an investment, which is why we regard pieces with great value highly. A home gym machine’s value is weighted heavily in our picks, which often is heavily influenced by the quality, functionality, and longevity of the equipment. That said, there are some very pricey items on the list, but rest assured that those pieces will last a lifetime with proper care.

Space Requirement vs. Functionality

If you’re limited on space, then a full dumbbell set might not be the optimal choice for your home gym, and a set of adjustable dumbbells could be more appropriate. A piece of equipment has to be functional, but the functionality has to be worth it for the space it takes up. Power racks are a great example of this — they take up a considerable amount of room, but offer unrivaled functionality. Large pieces of equipment that serve only one purpose are likely to not rank as highly as more compact and versatile machines.

What To Know Before Buying A Home Gym Machine

Okay, so now you know all about home gym machines, but which one is right for you? A quick inventory checklist can help you figure that out. Start by thinking through your fitness goals and how much space you have for the machine(s). After that, gather your all-important budget, and you’ll have a solid idea of what’s right for you.

Fitness Goals

If your goal is to run a marathon, then buying a squat rack instead of a treadmill may not be the best idea. That’s an obvious case with an easy choice. Other times, the decision may not be so easy. If you like to work out for general fitness, then a squat rack may suit your needs, but a functional trainer would as well. It depends on your space and budget at that point. Most of the time though, people have varied goals, so narrow it down to the top few goals and go from there. You can always add on or replace equipment thanks to a thriving pre-owned equipment market.


This consideration is as much about the physical space you have as it is your current lifestyle. If you’re living in an apartment, then a full squat rack and plates may not be the best option, as your neighbors will likely complain about the noise. A smart home gym may be the better choice in that situation.

Image via Shutterstock / MR.SOMKIAT BOONSING
Image via Shutterstock / MR.SOMKIAT BOONSING

If you’ve got a garage or a roomy basement though, you likely have some space to build out with home gym machines that require more room, like a smith machine or functional trainer.


This one is pretty straightforward. What can you afford to spend on a home gym machine? The answer will vary from person to person, but keep in mind that you don’t need to get everything all at once, and you can build up your home gym machines over time. A common sentiment in the home gym community is that you’re never done building your home gym.

Wrapping Up

Home gym machines vary greatly in design, function, and type of fitness they focus on developing. One of the most important things you’ll have to do before making an investment in a home gym machine is decide the type of exercise(s) you enjoy doing and will stick to. The last thing anyone wants is an expensive home gym machine to end up as a towel rack, collecting dust. Keep in mind the utility, value provided, and space versus functionality when making your decision, and you’ll be golden.

No matter what type of fitness you’re into — from CrossFit to triathlons, hardcore powerlifting or moderate training — there’s a home gym machine that can accommodate your needs on this list. Regardless of which option you choose, we hope that this article makes your decision easier, so you can catch those gains sooner rather than later.


Who should invest in a home gym machine?

Though we’re a big fan of home gym machines, they aren’t ideal for everyone. Some folks really like the social aspect of going to the gym and the comradery that can come along with it. For folks that just want to get their workouts done in the most convenient way possible, home gym machines may be the way to go. You’ll need adequate space and funds up front, as well as the drive to workout at home.

Are home gym machines suitable for those with minimal experience?

In short, it depends. We wouldn’t recommend starting out using a squat rack and heavy weights without any experience. You should invest in a qualified trainer to teach you how to safely lift in that discipline first. There are many options that are ideal for beginners though, such as trainer-led smart home gym machines and non-free weight home gym machines. Take an honest inventory of your experience level and if needed, seek out someone with more time under the bar for some guidance.

How much will it cost for a home gym machine?

Costs range greatly depending on the type of home gym machine you select. For a simpler, budget-friendly option you might spend around $400 to $600. For more advanced and complete options, as well as anything with technology heavily involved, you can spend upwards of $3,000 or more easily. Most options in that price range offer some sort of financing though, depending on credit.

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